Idiosyncratic Glossary

Glossary arranged in clusters of topics, with definition given in English first, followed by possible translation(s) in English in parentheses. Usage and etymologizing will be noted in square brackets. New words will have bold text; this will be scubbed every now and then. Last scrubbing: 22-feb-2013


  • noun. the Speaker, the Cekno, the living sun, the entity attempting communication (I, me, self, myself)
  • verb. raditating, shining, sending out waves (speaking, talking, announcing)
  • adjective/adverb. alone in a category, singular (only, singular)
  • adjective. separate, different
  • noun. difference


[Prepositions an be used as interfixes in the middle of certain words, example: star-behind-star. If you are as confused by the way everything works as I was, get a plate and some blu-tac and mark out these five things in a row: the galactic centre (middle of plate), the Cekno (near rim), a star (at rim), a star (between the Cekno and the galactic centre), a star (on the other side of the galaxy); and work out which prepositions to use when talking about them. After that you can place another blob of blu-tac next to one of the things and use the other prepositions for this and degrees. It is possible I am overexplaining this.]

  • preposition/interfix. being in the center of something (concentric, inside)
  • preposition/interfix. being on the surface of something
  • preposition/interfix. being nearby something (by)
  • noun. degree [the Cekno has a degree system of 196 (7*7*4) degrees to make a circle, based on its septenary counting system – and then times four due to the fact that dividing into quarters is useful]
  • noun. subdegree (minute) [it takes 49 of these to make a degree; composed of the noun degree followed by the postfix ‘divided twice into seven’ found in the Astronomy section]
  • noun. subsubdegree (second) [it takes 49 of these to make a subdegree; one can add on as many ‘divided twice into seven’ things as one likes, though minutes and seconds are most used]
  • preposition/interfix. something that means roughly b is being obscured by c but b is there and were c not there, I would see it – b and I are in opposition (behind) [used as b-behind-c]
  • preposition/interfix. in front of but not obscuring (the astronomical term ‘transiting’)
  • preposition/interfix. in front of, obscuring (eclipsing)
  • preposition/interfix. turnwise, according to the spin of the Cekno
  • preposition/interfix. widdershins
  • preposition/interfix. towards galactic centre
  • preposition/interfix. away from galactic centre
  • preposition/interfix. in the direction I am flying in (forwards) [roughly a quarter turnwise from the direction ‘towards galactic centre’]
  • preposition/interfix. backwards [roughly a quarter widdershins from the direction ‘towards galactic centre’]
  • preposition/interfix. galactic south, also the south of the Cekno’s spin
  • preposition/interfix. galactic north, also the north of the Cekno’s spin
  • preposition/interfix. the Cekno’s magnetic south
  • preposition/interfix. the Cekno’s magnetic north


[Ze senses colours linearly, by the wavelength, and so there is no need to name groups of colour, but notable frequencies are … noted]

  • noun. wavelength
  • noun. the unit to measure wavelength with (1/4.9 nanometers) [so infrared light would be >4900nm, red would be ~3500, etc]
  • adjective/adverb. lack of wavelength/lack of photons (black)
  • adjective/adverb/noun. the smallest wavelength Skyful can sense with hir sensors (4.9nm), anything below that is invisible.
  • adjective/adverb, preposition/interfix, verb. away or ‘toward the red’ or ‘to become redder’, [due to the redshift that happens when something moves away]
  • adjective/adverb, preposition/interfix, verb. towards or ‘toward the blue’ or ‘to become bluer’, [due to blueshift]


  • verb. to exist.
  • verb. to not exist.
  • noun. the end of something (cessation)
  • noun. thought
  • noun. a single meaning, a single intention (word)
  • suffix. taken to bits, vivisected, the smallest possible thing it is made of, philosophically [so even if a motivation is made of atoms, the atom is not the smallest possible thing, the thing has to be identifiable]
  • noun. the smallest unit of meaning or intention, so small it might just be invisible (meaninglet, sememe) [composed of ‘word’ plus the ‘taken to bits’ suffix]
  • noun. language, speech. [composed of ‘word’ plus the pluralization thing]
  • noun. the cessation of thought, of speech, of light (death) [composed by cessation plus language]
  • noun. step-by-step thought (logic?) [composed of photons-(interfix-meaning-‘by’)-photons]
  • noun. inside-shine, inside-words – thoughts, especially those not ready to become poetry or be spoken ‘aloud’ at all (thought)
  • verb. to shine inside
  • adjective/adverb. being the way things are [‘The sky was (the way things are)’ – something like ‘unchanged’ or ‘as it should be’]
  • verb. change [transitive]
  • verb. change [intransitive]


  • prefix. under the surface of the Speaker, ‘inside the mind’, private, secret (endo-)
  • prefix. on the surface of the Speaker, ‘what the Speaker is currently feeling/doing/thinking’ (ecto-)
  • prefix. from outside the Speaker (exo-)
  • noun. thinkingness, intelligence, psyche, the collection of thoughts that make up an intelligence
  • noun. location-in-space (bias (sorta), state-of-mind) [used to express the thought, What if my ponderings are all wrong because I happen to be in the wrong location in space?]
  • verb. to put oneself in the state-of-mind of a time in the past (recall)
  • verb. to remember or examine a specific thing


  • noun. light-emitting entity (star)
  • noun. light-reflecting entity
  • adjective/adverb. invisible, doing nothing with light.
  • verb. to pull towards, with gravity (suck)
  • noun. gravity
  • noun. space
  • noun. photons (light) [also meaning thought and speech, though there are separate words for those. sort of like λόγος (logos) this way]
  • noun. mystery
  • noun. black hole [sounds very similar to the word mystery due to being a slight alteration of it]
  • noun. the time period between a star showing signs of going nova and it going nova (doom, dread)
  • verb. to spin along one’s own axis.
  • noun. a pinprick of light in the sky (star)
  • noun. a planet in the Cekno’s solar system
  • noun. a large body of mass orbiting a sun (planet) [Skyful does not have a need for a more exact definition of a planet]
  • noun. a moon to one of the planets, or one of the seven ice ‘planets’ orbitting the living sun, which  the Cekno depends on for seeing into the outside world (moon) [the Cekno shines too brightly to see anything with its own eyes, so ze telepathically connects with these seven lumps of ice (smaller than Earth’s moon) which have fossils and ghosts in them, and can sense the outside world when facing away from the sun]
  • noun. galaxy
  • verb. orbit
  • noun. orbit [these two shall sound/look similar]
  • suffix. divided into seven
  • suffix. divided twice into seven, divided into 49
  • noun. centre
  • noun. time
  • noun. the visible sky (sky)
  • verb. to enumerate
  • verb. to shatter, scatter, spread, break
  • noun. comet
  • noun. electron [a theoretical thing; the Cekno does not have fine enough instrumetns or senses to feel an actual electron]
  • noun. lightning, the thunderstorms in the middle of space, light that does not come from fusion [composed of ‘plural-electron’]


[The Cekno uses hirself as a reference point for time, which is a smart move. Being a cloud of gas that ignited, hir surface is not very coherent and therefore the rotation is differential.]

  • noun. the spin which changes [itself/others] (time)
  • noun. rotation [meaning any unit of time, unspecified, for poetic use]
  • noun. one rotation at Skyful’s equator (about 80 hours)
  • verb. to wait, to know something is going to happen
  • verb. to wait, without knowing something is going to happen [almost always a retroactive verb, for saying things like ‘I waited for the reaper to come (having never heard of the reaper before he came)’ where the bracketed part is only implied. Can be used in present-tense if one is very careful.]
  • noun. one rotation at Skyful’s poles (about 30 Earth days)
  • noun. a blink, a darkness surrounded by light (moment) [the smallest unit of time Skyful can experience, enough time to notice, say, if something is blinking]
  • noun. one rotation around the Cekno, of the outermost planet (about 800 Earth years)
  • noun. one rotation around the Cekno, of the innermost planet (about 215 Earth days)