Choice Vignettes

These are small stories. I define them as ending when the page ends in my word processor, and not a line sooner. I write in my favourite font and font size, and I get worried when I accidentally change fonts and the stories are no longer uniform in length.

There will be more stories linked on this page, once I have choiced them. Be aware that some of the stories might have appeared on the Internet before I got this domain. That is okay. I am still the author of them.


Mors Ontologica · musings on identity death, suicide, and contentness.

Notes: /2012/04/01/notes-on-mors-ontologica-and-greetings/


Naïf · a friendship with an insane person.



Fleshlike/Smoother · there is a band of flesh that connects everybody and this is how it works.



Lebensdauer · time machine + Adolf Hitler.

Notes: /2012/04/05/time-travel-with-politics-and-notes-on-lebensdauer/


The Refrigerator of a Man Who’s about to Kill Himself · the contents of such a refrigerator; a lonely man contemplates death but faces behinderings.

Notes: /2012/04/08/on-trigger-warnings-and-the-fiction-i-write-notes-on-the-refrigerator-of-a-man-whos-about-to-kill-himself/


The Possession of Mmuti Kaan · sentient skin-bacteriae’s attempt at communicating with lesser beings.



The Anywhere Machine, Appendix I – Futureful Skyful · a living sun gains eternal life and grows to accept this. Bad things happen.



(The Hills outside Tiyïn are) Unreachable (and This is a Punishment) · someone starts missing his old life as a criminal, discovers he is still being punished for it.



This is a Robbery · Death robs a bank, grants wishes.


Notes: /2013/05/13/this-is-a-robbery/#comments


TIME TRAVEL SEX CLUB · exactly what it says on the tin. Maybe.



Resolve · another suicide story. It’s almost like I write them to get the fucking ideas out of my head or something.



Other stories, not meeting the length requirement:

Séance · a mother dies and her son does everything in his power to talk to her one last time.



The Author is Undead – how to analyse literature and kill zombies · humourous piece on studying literature and surviving the zombie apocalypse. Experimental story.



The Slaughter of the Lalk · an animal, the last of its kind, has to be slaughtered. The village is desperate.



Cease · the car ride; the doubting of reality; the release of anger.