A Level-Headed Conversation

Hi all,

Last month I entered into a contest called 200 word RPG, which is a fun thing. You write a game of at most 200 words, so you need to be succinct and evocative. You can read about it here: 200wordrpg.github.io/

My game was “A Level-Headed Conversation”, which can be found at this link: /2018/rpg/finalist/2018/05/23/ALevelHeadedConversation.html. It’s a game about having a conversation when you have fifteen minutes left to live. It did not win but I still like it.

You should also check out the winners of the competition:

#WinterIntoSpring, a game about worldbuilding through fashion, sorta. You get to arts-and-crafts. /2018/rpg/winner/2018/05/17/WinterIntoSpring.html

Dear Elizabeth…, a game about being in a Victorian novel. /2018/rpg/winner/2018/05/28/DearElizabeth.html

Sidewalkia!, a game about claiming a piece of sidewalk as your sovereignty and the consequences thereof. /2018/rpg/winner/2018/05/18/Sidewalkia.html

Also just click through the site, it’s fun and might inspire you.