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Tag: 1950


We are starting to regret having him fixed. Sure, it’s a lot calmer round here, and it’s easier to sleep. And I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to have him calm like this, he doesn’t break anything anymore. We can use the fine china. But he hasn’t got a raise in three years. He always carries the same harried look after work, and sometimes at night I find him staring at the wall, as if projecting an image onto it. I don’t disturb him then, but I bet if I did he wouldn’t even notice me.

Red Rotary Phone

It’s a pretty tall building, isn’t it? And aerodynamic.

If you go down deep enough, to the fundaments, you will find the rocket fuel, and under that you will find the thrusters. The metal canisters have been there since the 50’s, so there is no guarantee that anything will work, but it’s there. If you pound them you can hear it sloshing. Cobwebs galore, all over, and the displays are stuck, in all likelihood. Search enough and you will find the manual with all the telephone numbers and launch codes.

There is a red rotary phone on a rickety table.