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Tag: abstract

A Scholarship

A scholarship. A good time. Slight friction. The vast expanse of sky. Names of stars, drinking games. You forget his name. Last call. One planet, veering out of its orbit, crashing into another planet. More good times. Blood on the bedsheets. A conversation best had sober, easiest had drunk. Somewhere in the between. An unanswered question. The going-through of the evidence with telescopes, the plotting of vectors in the sky. Vodka. A shiver. He wasn’t going to say anything. You were the one who–

Electricity. One last look at those blackened sheets. A garbage chute. An envelope; a scholarship.


The Watchmakers

At the age of 15, each child shall be fitted with precisely one watch. It shall have a certain number of hands from one to five, and numbers from nine to fifteen, and the hands shall move at certain speeds. The variables shall not be released into the public. The reasons why shall never be told. Great anxiety shall come forth from the watches. If a watch breaks, we shall do nothing about it but observe. Watch forgery shall flourish, and it shall be battled with more complex watchmaking, but never with legislation. We shall make them care about this.


This is the room of ever-changing doorways. The one you came from is open, static. Only one can be open at a time.

That one is the ladder inside a well, turning into the baleen-plates in a great whale’s mouth. This one here is two trees in a black forest.

You close the door on bright lights and tourists, the square door turns into the scorched chimney of a ramshackle house. It stays like that until you blink, which is when you lose your chance. The abstract doorways turn back into concrete shapes, none of which are the way out.