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Tag: ambulances

2013 NaNoWriMo Excerpt #12

Ambulances with their mouths open roam the streets of London, looking for their next victim. They like to see the little ones get hurt, because the little ones are tastiest, full of opportunity and light. They have heard of the one that they did not get to eat, and they are upset about this fact. The ambulances, with their mouths open, roam the streets and try to find an angle. It has been all over the news — there is always fallout, like a nuclear explosion. The closer they can get to the scene the better, but whenever they’re in line of the cameras, they have to close their maws and line up all their teeth nicely so the little ones don’t get suspicious. They like the little little ones, the tiniest ones.


There is a creature made of ambulances roaming our city. It likes to watch people die. Its sirens sound too muffled; its shadow moves too much; the ambulances have no drivers. Cell phones stop working near them.

It makes sure to not be the first to arrive at an accident scene. It’s a living museum, made of the rusty, broken ambulances of old. If one climbs into one of them, one falls asleep to wake up somewhere else.

Individual ambulances can stand being apart from the group a few hours, but start to fall apart if separated for too long.