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Tag: biological warfare


After decades of warfare, the parasites in Your gut develop a democracy. A fierce election campaign is held to the loss of one of Your kidneys; eventually the pink party loses to the brown party. The pink party says there’s only one of You and they mustn’t deplete its resources. There’s a good twenty years more of living in here. The brown party, however, favours the paraforming of other bodies in the system – bodies which You have a certain influence over. Your libido shoots through the roof and You feel young once more, and You do what young things do.


The plan is simple. Wait for the storm and then fly the supplies dirigible over the enemy city, apparently lost. The grey storm will make it impossible to see from inside the dirigible, so you have to rely on magnetism. As will the enemy. If they don’t shoot you down you just walk into the balloon and fire a few rounds yourself.

You won’t make it out of there alive. You will be captured or killed. If they somehow have the sense not to use the supplies, at least make sure they don’t sever your heads when they kill you.