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Tag: bureaucracy


Places with no jobs, no life, aclash with bureaucracies that have acquired such inertia that, like with rushing trains, stopping them or even halting them takes as much energy as sending them hurtling into space. So there are these ghost towns like the skeletons of urban sprawl, built in the shadow of fallen regimes, and not a living soul living there. All the houses’ fronts are sloppily painted white, their sides and backs uncoloured. All the grass has died. And at the edge of town, there is a lonely construction crew setting up new houses, trying to avoid the ghosts.

Red Tape

The Bureaucracy descended 30 years ago, devouring and mycolising all the northern hemisphere governments. There are maps of it but they do it no justice; not this self-duplicating, self-non-contained monster of a complex, that which laughs at wisdom and knowledge as we knew (thought we knew) it. The Bureaucracy always grows, and any attempt at finding out how it works further complicates it, for three new departments (heads) grow every time we define (cut off) the use of one department. That department then withers. The more necks it grows, the more blood simply fills them, that is how it works.