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“Come on, just bloody shoot me,” said the first child, impatiently shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

The second child was unsteady, resting the barrel on the first child’s shoulder.

“You need to blow my head clean off, pick up that thing and point it.”

He made some swallowing gestures but couldn’t complete the motion, and then he pointed it straight at her ear. “And you’re sure about this?”

“Sure as day.”

He pulled the trigger and there was a hellish noise and when he opened his eyes again, there was but a cloud of butterflies dispersing.

What Happened to Me

When I was small, I used to turn anything with eyes away from me, convinced that there were little spy cameras inside them. It looked like all my stuffed toys were ashamed of me. I kept a record of who had given me what items so that I could know who was watching. I would stare agog at them when they were in the room with me, wondering how they could pretend that they did not know that I knew.

I still haven’t figured out what actually happened to me, but I have figured out that it was something bad.