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Tag: coping mechanisms

Composure, or This Wicked World

Whenever he feels so upset that he cannot handle things, he takes time out to play a gorgeous tune on his harp, and then he is – composed. The harp always stays in his bedroom. Sometime later when he has the time, in the middle of the night, he will get up and the floor will creak as he sits down by the harp and plays that same song, and he cries uncontrollably.

He has been going through his collection of sheet music like they were napkins to dry tears with lately and he is running out of songs to play.

Pre-emptive Coping Mechanism

She has a chemical scar, swirly blue, snaking its way up her body and coiling once around neck. There was a terrible burning. The scar is visible only at certain times, when she is flustered or when she is scared. It makes her more flustered and scared, to see the burn crawl up on her skin, it feels like it will explore new parts this time, like it will burn through her skin. She knows its outline by heart and on some days, though she knows it by its itching, she will paint it over before it can break out.