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Tag: earthquakes

Call It Fate

Somewhere in a ditch the rainwater is separating a dog skeleton from its collar.

In a hospital a baby is born. They cut off one of its two genitals and it screams.

The earthquake cuts the land apart right between your feet and mine.

And the pilot doesn’t get to see his home country from above one last time, when the billowing black cloud obscures his view.

A doctor sells his soul for medical knowledge; he could have made a better deal.

A wall is being built. Yellow signs with black text are hung up. The message cannot be clearer.


And if you see me, pretend not to know me. I always watch where the sun throws my contours; worried, excited. If our shadows should ever overlap, it will rend the earth we stand on. They are the spiteful, angry shapes that outline us. We will suspect an earthquake – we are Californians, after all – but even the air will vibrate, even the invisible strings that connect our hearts. I will go far away, in my mind, and I hope we will never meet in well-lit rooms. Always cherish the darkness, love that which keeps us nebulous and hard to define.