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Okay: the best you will ever feel is “okay.” When I was little my grandmother smoked like a chimney and died. My mother couldn’t bring herself to say those words; she said grandmother “stopped breathing.” I was slow to grasp the full scope of that statement, okay. Grandmother once drew me a diagram about explaining smoking to me. Okay, she drew two sinewaves one under the other and she talked. She said you feel good and bad, smokers feel bad and worse. And when they feel okay they think they’re feeling good. Yeah? It’s not just smokers. Yeah. Okay? Okay.

No-one Deserves an Aneurysm

You are born with threads going into and out from you. The tall person in the white coat has a busy, worried look on their face as they bring out the scissors with the curved blades to cut most of the threads off of you. First they cut the one that connects you to them, then they separate you from your mother. They give you the scissors, in a gilded box.

You cut them all off as you grow up all forsaken, denied, refused, and you tremor when you cut the last sinewy ones. Your relatives disappear one by one.