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Tag: first kiss

First Snow

Yesterday was the first snow of this winter. Like most firsts, it came on far too strong, and then backed off half-heartedly before turning into a sloppy, wet mess that no-one wants around. Yes, it is always sad to see the first snow disappear like this, because I remember when I was a beginner, too. We all make mistakes starting out, and in retrospect they are really stupid, but with enough retrospect, we come full circle and realize that those mistakes were also stupidly easy to make, and perhaps the time spent regretting them could be better spent amending them.

Not Even You

Nobody sleeps with the first one they kiss, it’s a rule. It’s either too early or too late. Your first kiss never leads to your first lay, if only for the fact that they are not the same person anymore by the time you reach the part where you unzip your denim jeans and wiggle out of your clothes. And you can see it in their eyes then as they look at you with that questioning look because they don’t want to outright ask. Afterward, in all likelihood, they return to the same person they were before, and they leave.

First Kiss

Our pets always died. We ran out of room in our own garden so I sneaked into the neighbours’. I dug carefully and put the grass back the way it was; I became adept at handling shovels. Extremely adept. So when Mariot – who never called me – called me, I knew what it was about. She told me where to meet her.

Someone got a gravelly grave. I hadn’t recognized his face. I saved the place on my phone, as an X in a geotagged tweet in the drafts folder, and told Mariot she owed me. She gave me a kiss.