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The Shipwreck Daisies

They are hard to catch on film, for reasons that are or will become obvious. They have never been given a formal Latin double-name, but they are known as stormblooms or the shipwreck daisies: the flowers that grow and blossom just before a disaster. Captains of sunken ships write about them growing in the rotting parts of the vessel. Gorgeous shimmering colours that are not quite real and not quite there, and huge petals. Supposedly they wilt and that’s when the disaster strikes, or perhaps picking them is what brings on the death and no human can resist picking them.

Why We Wear Flowers after Having Committed Murder

Once upon a time there was a man who stabbed another man in the heart. The man got blood on his best shirt – by the time he had created an alibi, all dry-cleaners had closed. He had an important meeting the next morning: it was unacceptable to dress worse than his best. And everybody knew that Egyptian-cotton shirt. He wore it for confidence.

So he bought a flower to cover the stain. The flower smelled so good that the important people in the meeting demanded it. His boss glared at him. The meeting went well. Then he turned himself in.