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Be sure to know who you are, when you are commuting. Remember your name distinctly. It is perilous to be pressed up so close to other humans’ identities and waver, because you might lose yourself in the sea of people and, in a fit of sheer panic, grab someone else’s self to hold close to your chest. Do not drift; do not daydream at all. Packed tight like mackerels, everyone swinging this way and that a fraction of a second after the train turns slightly, it is easy to feel a sense of proletarian unity. Don’t. You might lose yourself.

Rigor Mortis O.

It is always a compromise, always a death. (I thought maybe it should be construed as a coping mechanism for an inevitable death, a rebirth, but that excuses it.) Weave your death into your identity to feel less hollow, the same way you would keep a gangrenous limb for reasons of symmetry alone. You are always a collective, never a collectivist. Never individual though starkly individualist. It saddens me how kinderly you people forget; I am not impressed with where you work, not unless this just pays you, for being you. Instead your ink is theirs, and you become