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The Middle of the Maze

In the middle of the maze there sits a monster for which words have not yet been invented. It is not in chains but in exasperation it is stuck, sitting on its haunches, staring at the ants that march across the maze. He cannot follow where the ants go, in the cracks between the walls.

When someone comes to kill him, he usually lets them. If the murderer does not find his way out before sunset, they trade places and the murderer dies, and the monster resurrects. He hopes that one day, a knight will know what the ants know.

Knossos, Crete

Annelie’s cunt was a labyrinth and she didn’t know how to respond when guys told her they couldn’t figure her out. She felt she was a straightforward person.

Sometimes, Annelie would time them, but it turned out that ”three hours, 15 minutes” wasn’t the right way to respond either. There was no monster at the heart of the labyrinth, but they all acted like it. They all acted like she was the labyrinth, like her emotions were as mazelike.

The solution, obvious in hindsight, was a woman named Liz. Her fingers were deft, and she was not prone to metaphor.