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When you die, the room you’re in necessarily becomes a library. There are more shelves than you remember, and packed two layers thick on these shelves are all the books you promised to read but never got around to, each one you bought but forgot. There is wall where there used to be doors. Curtains fall over the windows. You sit down to read the books, one by one, until your thumbprint is on every page and you have lived all the lives you wanted. There will be a door where there were walls, and you are allowed to leave.

Survival Guide

Find the library. There is always a library, even if there is no library. There is a place of books where book people gather. Else you must build it and that is why you are there. Always find your way there, get to know its nooks and crannies; get to know its big open spaces and the rats in its walls. Learn where among the shelves you will be alone, and where you will not. Memorize the name of everyone who works there, smile at them. As long as you can find the library, the rest will fall into place.