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Tag: loss


I turn on the radio, and clear some space for you. This is that song you like, which goes thump-thump-thump. The lyrics are immaterial. You’ve never heard the song in full, never all the way through the fadeout, where everything slows down. You’ve danced like mad to this song, you’ve danced your brains out on the floor to this. This is your jam. I can see you dancing to it now, if I imagine really hard. I clear some space in my room for you, roll up the carpet so your light steps can be heard against the wooden floor.

Unlikely Places

In the bathroom mirror when it’s fogged up, so that I’ll see it only when I’m naked and cold and vulnerable.

In the bottom of the cereal box.

In the blood.

On the balloons I used for our daughter’s birthday, I got a letter from you every time I inflated one. Some of the taller parents had to crouch when they entered our home.

In the sky, with the clouds.

In the pattern of the blooming cherry tree you planted thirty years ago. How long have you been planning this?

You write little eloquent apologies in the most unlikely places.