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Tag: mud

Bed Time Story

There’s a forest, dark and deep, lit only by the fluorescent fungi covering dead tree trunks. And there are mud creatures; bubbly, oozey beings, who make a special kind of tea. Sometimes, rarely, a human finds the forest. Even rarer, a human might be invited in for tea.

Ze will be instructed to take off hir clothes, and come into the mudbaths. The creatures, many-limbed and shapeless, will then start the rituals, and if the human stays throughout the whole night – the time it takes for their tea to brew – ze will drink a cuppa unlike anything ze’s ever tasted.

Grease and Mud and Hair

There is a thin coat, a layer of grease and mud and hair separating everyone else from me, and I am getting lonely. I will hug someone and they will not want to let go but it is not enough, there is this film that keeps me from touching them. It keeps me from feeling their actual touch. What I feel is ghostly compared to how it is supposed to feel. I looked in the burn ward, where the film has been scorched off, but I was escorted off the premises. Maybe I need to peel it off by hand.