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Tag: night vale

A Google Streetcar Drives into Night Vale

It has cameras all over itself, so it feels safe. A squirrel suddenly lands on its roof, in front of a camera, but that is okay, because it has more of them, and the squirrel will get bored. The logos on its sides waver like flags heralded with its lord’s crest on it. Places like these are suspicious, but everyone trusts us, right? It keeps going. It almost runs over a dog, but it stops in time. A swallow crashes into the driver-side window. And another. The window shatters; a raccoon climbs in. The raccoon drives them toward the canyon.

And Now: a Word from Our Sponsor

Eat your twin in utero; get born. Forever have a hollow feeling with you, never feel sated. Always eat, always carry your twin with you. This world is a circus, and you are the sideshow. You eat all the food you can eat, read all the books you can read. Voraciously. Line your throat with candle grease, eat more. Visit your mother in the hospital. Listen to her talk gibbously about her hunger, how you were born and how you were food. They took you away from her. Wonder now, if that was the right decision.

Eat at Olive Garden.