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Career Mobility

You’ve had this itching all day, like it’s time to move. You want to get to a higher place, you want to move up in the world. You want them to see you for who you really are. You want a flat on the thirtieth floor. One where you can see the city, open the windows, and let birds fly through. A place made of glass. You want it to stop itching. Maybe if you find such a place, they will know you for who you really are. Apply some salve. Start wearing more pungent cologne. Make them see you.

They Strike Root in You

They strike root in you. They reach for you from dead leaves on lonely trees and a brave few jump, if they think they can make it. You become more sociable, immediately. More reckless. You might feel as though you’ve had an epiphany, or three. You will start eating dirt, as the tendrilous roots nest in your bloodstream. Soon you will eat nothing but dirt, you will become a recluse. You will speak to no-one. You will find specific dirt from specific places and it will replace food for you. You will act like this until you burst with saplings.


After decades of warfare, the parasites in Your gut develop a democracy. A fierce election campaign is held to the loss of one of Your kidneys; eventually the pink party loses to the brown party. The pink party says there’s only one of You and they mustn’t deplete its resources. There’s a good twenty years more of living in here. The brown party, however, favours the paraforming of other bodies in the system – bodies which You have a certain influence over. Your libido shoots through the roof and You feel young once more, and You do what young things do.


A small incision shall be made with a knife in the skin, and the skin shall be held open, with instruments if necessary. Use plastic or sterile, stainless, steel. The watersnake shall be given a taste of your blood from when you fasted, and if it likes it, it shall be ushered in through the incision. Panic sets in after five minutes at most, it is important to remove yourself from sharp objects. Remember that if you push against it, it burrows deeper. The benefits shall start after five or six days have passed, and you shall feel good then.


Once upon a time, a man fell in love with a dead woman. She died in front of him every night and became more and more beautiful. One morning, after a storm, he made his way to the damp alley where she lay, mouth open, face gone. He found her behind a trash can and he cried. She had not got to her feet and walked away like an angel.

The city was besieged. It rained fire and black death. The man stayed with the dead woman, his obsession. And she took one last breath, and her soul possessed him.

Trace Fossil

The grey bug burrowed deep into its host’s chest. Crawled and scratched and ate its way down to her heart and the heart stopped. The bug, simple as it was, could simply not comprehend what had happened; what was once a very lively source of heat and joy now lay dead in its arms. So it kept digging. It was in love, plain and simple. It dug until its claws and teeth had worn down to nothingness and then it waited until they grew back and it dug again; through bone, out her back. She was just not there anymore.

Nightmare Fuel October 2012, Day 18

Today’s image makes me shudder every time I see it so I shall link it and not show it here like I usually do. No known source.


It starts off as an aperture of the skin here and there, all over the diseased’s body. Feelings of panic and anxiety are normal. You should seek out your doctor immediately for treatment. If not, the apertures will grow long, thin hairs around the edges, and they might expand. At this point, the spread of the parasite is mostly subdermal. Nerves grow over the arm and leg muscles, taking shortcuts through them if they need to, until the nerves have reached the brain. This is accompanied by a feeling of coldness and vast depths near the apertures. Then they blink.

Nightmare Fuel October 2012, Day 11


Most of us lived with them. For many years I had a clamper bite into my thigh, deeper each month. Sometimes it walked for me, felling me clumsily. Maggio from Gargoyle Street had a liversphere, leaking poison from him.

One avoided the factory grounds. It was the kind of place where even the dumbest teenagers would not dare each other to go. Only accumulators went there.

Recognized by clampers on their skulls, which bored deep into their eye sockets, extending antennae and radars to the air. Accumulators furtivated there as often they could, trading bone and blood for spare parts.

Nightmare Fuel October 2012, Day 7

Freaky Deer

“One drinks the blood of the animal and wears its skin and this is how one gains its powers. There are animals out here that you have never seen. The baanklides are the first of it. There is the averit which is a hunter. As far as I know, there is only one, but be careful around it. It hunts by getting its victim happy and drunk and then burrows into the back of said victim’s head, accomplishing both things at once. It may wear your skin for days without anyone noticing.”

(the man grinned)

“It really likes to brag.”


[Trigger warnings: might make you uncomfortable about the skin you’re wearing, & violent imagery]


She leans back in her chair, and wipes some of the blood from the corners of her mouth, with a napkin I provided. “Naw, I looked it up – it ain’t my fault.” She does the accent horribly.

I sit down opposite her, ignoring the feet that are now staring at me. She wiggles her toes. “A man is dead, and you have most of his blood inside you.”

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