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The plan is simple. Wait for the storm and then fly the supplies dirigible over the enemy city, apparently lost. The grey storm will make it impossible to see from inside the dirigible, so you have to rely on magnetism. As will the enemy. If they don’t shoot you down you just walk into the balloon and fire a few rounds yourself.

You won’t make it out of there alive. You will be captured or killed. If they somehow have the sense not to use the supplies, at least make sure they don’t sever your heads when they kill you.


Once upon a time, a man fell in love with a dead woman. She died in front of him every night and became more and more beautiful. One morning, after a storm, he made his way to the damp alley where she lay, mouth open, face gone. He found her behind a trash can and he cried. She had not got to her feet and walked away like an angel.

The city was besieged. It rained fire and black death. The man stayed with the dead woman, his obsession. And she took one last breath, and her soul possessed him.

Nightmare Fuel October 2012, Day 9

Careful With That Razor's Edge

One boot on the man’s back, wire in her hands. “Red eyes. You know what that means.”

On his knees, hands behind his back, struggling to right himself. “What it means is that I smoked pot a few hours ago and I’m having trouble sleeping. Nothing more.”

“Yeah, right. Your pockets are stuffed with posies. What’s that supposed to mean? You’re a kleptomaniac gardener? Give me a reason to not tighten this strap.”

“Safety measure. Look, I haven’t got no plague alright– watch me not cough or anything. Don’t be paranoid.”

A moment’s hesitation. “Paranoia got me this far, buddy.”