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Creature of Habit

He was a creature of habit, the kind of man who would cultivate spots with his coffee mug on his breakfast table so that after a few years, there was a pale circle on it like the opposite of a coffee stain on an old map.

Every Tuesday, we would find out whether the barrels of white wine that reeked of fish had made their Rube Goldberg way into the speakeasy, and it would always be down to whether that man had stood guard or not. He was unbribeable; he would not know what to do with the extra money.

Plots You Can Have #3 – Futuristic Edition

[Trigger Warning: suicide]

Part 2:

Part 1:

This time we’ve got the following genres: existential romance, vigilante fiction, space anti-opera, paranoir, etc (did you know you can just make up genre names?)



existential romance

Futuristic Megacity. Boy meets girl. Boy splits into million versions of self, only one which dares fall in love with girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Suicide wave strikes city. Media panic. Boy questions own courage. Girl afraid of outside. City crumbles. Boy meets afraid version of himself. Girl confronts re: this; gets wrong version of boy. “You dared go outside.” Girl breaks down. Wrong version of boy convinces girl of double suicide. Right version of boy is too late. Stays there waiting for either of them to wake up again, because boy doesn’t want to Romeo. Fade out.
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