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The Author Is Dead

The author is dead, long live the author.

The author is dead but the book is still being written. Pages are being pushed out under the door, and if you listen closely, you can hear the noises that a typewriter makes, like cartoon characters eating cobs of corn. The author is dead, beginning to rot, but the story is progressing at breakneck speed. The plot thickens! The author is dead and someone else has to rewrite the pages to remove the stench of rot, before sending them to the publisher. The author is dead but the contract isn’t up yet.


He says, “Did you know the stench of fish is a sign of decay? Things from the sea are not supposed to smell. Any meat you get from dead animals has to be rotten. The process of rot starts immediately after death, and it is incremental. There are eggs in the blood that start gestating as soon as the blood stops pumping. The bacteria inside don’t wait for anything, do they?”

I say, “I guess not.”

“There comes a point where the rot is too much, and the meat is considered bad to eat. But it’s always rotten, always rotting.”