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Tag: scratching symbols in the down


The first thing he forgot was his own name. At first, this pleased him; it was probably a bad name, like Yosef or Stephen or Muriel. But the name-thing gnawed at the back of his hair, and he had all the time in the world. He started making a list in the ground (it was all coarse fibres; there should be a name for that). Sometimes he would start over if he had a really good idea on how to organise it. One day, he grew tired of scratching symbols in the down, and he dropped his symbol-maker, and he

The Architect

In the middle of the desert, a woman has drawn herself a home. Straight lines and right angles. There is no wind here ever, so the ground consists of nothing but her footprints, and the lines she has drawn. It is obvious she used to be some sort of artist, maybe even an architect, from the ease with which she drew them. She drew herself a bedroom, stomped out the wall and redrew the room, and her bed, as a little bit bigger; the difference between queensize and kingsize. She goes to sleep there, and dreams about heights and vertigo.