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Tag: self-doubt

Fourth Draft of an Unsent Love Letter

Subj: Hypocrisy

Your clothes hugged you tight and I wondered how the muscles on your back would look, but I closed the door on your rainstruck face in the middle of the night and I said, “I have things to do.” I felt like my heart had sunk to my stomach and was being dissolved in its acid. You were so sad, you would have done anything for me, for a cup of hot chocolate and a listening ear. We trembled for different reasons.

Yes, of course I hate myself. There is no reason you would even open this letter.

Somewhere on My Body

Maybe he had imagined it. But if it happened again, this time, for serious, he would write it down somewhere on his body. Every five minutes he looked at the inside of his arm. He had seen that on the telly, he remembered it clearly. He reached for his marker, and a giant shimmering orb danced through his room with no regard for what is a solid object and what is not. It exited through the wall above his head, and he thought: If it happens again, this time, for serious, I will write it down somewhere on my body.


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