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Doing Much Better Now, Thanks

He stared at his cupcake, its soft artificial pink was much softer than the artificial pink of her skin, which he had once loved.

Sometimes he looked at art. Cubism. Braque, not because it didn’t remind him of her – it didn’t – but because it was good. Braque knew his cubes.

Like, should he stalk her to find out what café she dines at just to avoid it himself? That seemed counter-intuitive.

He had even discarded all the tapes, not because he had memorized them all, but because he needed space for his new record collection.

He was just that cured.

You Say So Little

I taped your mouth shut while you were sleeping so that your muffled screams would wake me. I knew your first instinct would be to rip the silvery tape off, so I tied your fingers to your thumbs and made your whole hands useless. You say so little to me, I thought maybe your words just escaped too silently for me to hear, even though I press my face up to yours as close as I can without touching you. I never touched you. I will remove the tape if you want me to, it’s easy, just say the word.

Plots You Can Have: Low-Budget Indie Films Edition

Plots You Can Have is an ongoing series of posts where I suggest storylines for stories that came out of my head but that I have given up for adoption. If any of these strike your fancy, please take them! And if you do write anything from this I would love to read it. For more posts, see: tag/plots-you-can-have

This Plots You Can Have is about things I imagine would make good low-budget indie films.


“You have dreamt up a sick world.” (Variations on it are repeated throughout the movie like arc words.)

A person (who is really some form of deity but has repressed it) believes ze is experiencing psychosis and gets worried about it. First scene is where the deity explains to a psychoanalyst – the best in the field – that ze wants the psychoanalyst to follow hir around for a whole year and then come to a conclusion. The therapist protests, of course, but the deity presents hir with a lot of money, up-front, and gives hir a month to finish hir business before ze will come to pick hir up. When the money does not convince the therapist, the deity offers salvation instead.

It transpires that the deity is working as a world-class motivational speaker. The month passes quite quickly; the psychoanalyst lies to hir patients a bit and apologizes profusely but can’t say no to the deity’s offer. They travel the world a bit and things seem to be really quite bad wherever the deity goes. The psychoanalyst starts questioning hir own sanity, and at a conference for downtrodden psychopaths in business-clothes, ze decides the deity is the one who is making things bad. Now ze just needs to prove it.
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