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Tag: statues


There is a statue in Whale Park, inconveniently placed right next to a big wall like some shady dealer. It has too many teeth and they are all too sharp for something that supposedly is modelled on a human being. The statue tells me about my future, if I ask it, two truths about my future plus one lie. It’s always one line about my family, one about money, and one about love.

And I guess this is me, hedging my bets that the one about love was right, because I can’t control my father’s heartrot. Will you marry me?


Chy-Gorat died and left nothing behind: no money, no words, not even a withered husk of skin or any bleached bones. His friends remembered the man against his wishes, and Issachi lost his tongue before he could hold his memorial speech.

Gorat started fading then, but they made him a statue. They repair it when it dries and crackles, and when it melts in the sun, and after it is struck by lightning.

And when every walleted picture blanked and every yearbook photo was burnt to ashes, Issachi reconstructed his friend from stray footage and distributed the new images everywhere.