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In the City of the Dead Last Week

In the city of the dead last week, a man with three tongues tried to kiss me. He said he had three tries, and that he would eat my heart. I turned to liquid and slipped out of his grip, and he fumbled after me, drooling all over himself, his spent tongues lolling, flopping on the floor. I guarded my heart closely on the way out of the city, on the bus with the grinning driver. In the city of the dead, last week, a man with three tongues ate the heart of another girl, someone who stood no chance.

The Gentled Tongues

The gentling of the tongues. Don’t let them speak. Every time they do, naturally: the fear of losing yourself. When they speak their one sinking truth and drag you down with it, no wonder you heat up the metal tongs and force open their mouths. In controlled conditions, let the truth spill out and harm no-one, and silence them forever. Some of the afflicted, as an act of compliance, gentle themselves and learn to speak sign language. But you know their truths are still buzzing in their heads. A hive that wants out. And what do you do about that?