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Tag: tragedy

How Do I Become One?

They travel the night, searching for some tragedy to attach themselves to and define themselves by. You can pass them on the road, though you mustn’t stop to talk to them. They will be travelling on foot and seeming like shadows. Some say they were once human, though these rumours are unsubstantiated. They have an almost human form. You can see them at the outskirts of towns where there have been gas leaks or plane crashes, and you can see them, one for every life taken, slowly sinking into the ground until they are the saplings of some unknown tree.


Orwell and Julia’s relationship had an overture at a Christmas party two years before they actually, truly, met.

Orwell and Julia’s relationship was a classical opera in three parts. Their marriage was a slow movement, their wedding and divorce both lightning fast.

Orwell and Julia did not know they had met before the night they met again, something Orwell was embarrassed over and Julia was traumatized by. They had both been too intoxicated to remember exactly.

It was obvious, how it would go. The friend who introduced them to one another said they had chemistry. What they had was music.