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Tag: whales

Thunder across Deck

Rain! Thunder across deck, woman the harpoons! The night this is, this is. This is the night, the night. Toss and turn all you want, vengeful sea, but you will never sink this ship. There he is, the whale, the whale! Take aim, breathe out, draw tight, release. Wrap the lace around the bait, sink the net into the ocean. Dip it in, pull it out, dip it in, scream. The rope won’t hold, won’t hold. Do you think he’ll take us back, us back? We don’t want his meat, his meat, we just want to sink him, sink him.


A shadow moved across the land, shaped like the shadow of a whale. There were no whales present who could cast that shadow, there were no clouds in the sky. The crops shivered when it passed them through, but they were unscathed. Tree stumps couldn’t move when it touched them, but their roots shook.

A little boy was playing with sticks in the mud, he shivered too. The shadow circled him widely, with aquatic quickness. He thought he should scream, but the air above the shadow didn’t move like it should, and he sounded like he was underwater.

He disappeared.