Script Frenzy

by johannespunkt

As of right exactly this now, there are 15 minutes to go until Script Frenzy starts. If you don’t know what that is, follow the link down at the bottom of the page, educate yourself.

I will be writing a Machine of Death audioplay. (Again, if you don’t know what that is, there is a link.)

I will also be trying to update the blog during the time. And I will continue to write drabbles. I will busy myself; I will do this. I might post the script on the blog. That sounds like an okay thing to do, as I won’t be doing anything else with it.

Now there are ten minutes to go. I wrote 15, but ten. I think the rule is to write them with letters up until 13,  where you switch over to writing with numbers. This makes it consistent, not with itself but with a rule. Conisistency is important. There are now seven minutes left.