Notes on the First Page of My Script

by johannespunkt

I thought I’d post the notes I’m making to myself as I’m writing this thing. Perhaps someone will find it entertaining. Well. That’s enough ado.


Needs more cowbell. Also more hinting at what the devil will happen later in the thing. Currently only one ‘hook’, which is far too little to be reliable. Can’t tenter anyone with that shit.

Well okay. What can the hook be? What the fuck actually happened there? The way it is in my head right now is someone stored up lots of blood in a freezer until it was time to set the Plan in motion. But if the blood was refrigerated, then the smell thing is not right, because the stench would be there before the blood had all thawed. Wunderbaums, wunderbaums everywhere.

Okay, so, disregarding the idea of air fresheners, perhaps most of the blood is actually still frozen; they just didn’t notice. Which begs the question how did they not see the blood floes?, and begging the question is a fallacy. So, no.

Well, this is problematic. I have no idea what actually happened. I like the idea of someone faking this so they can escape something. But no, this is all wrong. I seem to have set up something impossible. Crud. What do I do now?

[ten minute pause to think]

Okay, I fixed it. Wunderbaumen it is. “I don’t believe in deodorant,” says Vincent.