Nightmare Fuel October 2012, Day 1 & 2

by johannespunkt

Bliss Morgan of Internet fame (just google her, like) is this year again doing a thing where she posts creepy pictures and inspires flash fiction in us. I will join in! Posting this a bit late because I don’t know how time works.

Last year I participated, and while I didn’t write every day, you can see my progress here:

Now, without further ado,


Day 1


“You sure you want to do this?” the girl with the shovel spoke with little conviction, her eyes already counting money.

“I said no questions.”

She snatched the cash from him and spread the salt around the would-be hole, rectangular. “You just don’t look like the regular clientele.”

He offered her a grunt. She dug in silence now. When all was done he climbed in and stared at the cloudless, starless sky. “What are you waiting for?”

“Last minute regrets.” Silence. “You must really miss whoever you sent to hell, huh?” The girl shoveled dirt over the stoic man’s face.


Day 2


We stand completely still and control the dilation of our pupils. We have superhuman command of ourselves. I can go fucking weeks without water.

We stand completely still and we all know when we are going to strike and it is two days from now. We wait another day and it is one day from now. Then we will latch onto the nearest child and squeeze its life out until its brittleness turns it to dust. I shall wrap my shiny spindlelimbs around it myself and bite down. I shall open my mouth.

I make to move. I am stuck.