NaNoWriMo is over

by johannespunkt

The old Romans partied so hard at the end of the year that they had to have a few monthless months between the end of the old year and the start of the new year. Winter was the of the world. The old are not people to look up to.

I got some useful writing done. Certainly, more useful writing than I would have got done, had I not NaNoWriMoed. Now,about 20,000 or more of the 50,016 words I wrote are complete unredeemable bollocks, but a 2:3 useless:useful ratio ain’t half bad, I hear certain actually publisehed people hang around at 5:1. I might be misrepresenting interview snippets to make myself look better.

I didn’t go with The Great Onebyone very far. I had plotted at least 30,000 words and figured I would do that famous seat-of-the-pants thing that many writers do. I seem to suffer from brevititis, however, an at 6,000 words I was almost out of plot. Next year I will bring bullet lists and diagrams. I am still not sure how I managed to write >50,000 words on a single project in previous years, but somehow I did it. If I plan obsessively until next November, I might be able to make one idea stick for that much. The brevititis must be fought back though, so I better plan for thrice as many words as that. (Thank you, Jaymes.)

I inspired people and was inspired. I made friends. I made some terrible puns. I made some terrible puns at friends. I failed at creating trending hashtags on Twitter.

Shout out to Evan and the Ghost Bear, Eros Fountain, the Ministry of Plenty, Tiaxint, and a bunch of other things whose creators I respect a great deal.