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The collective unconscious is a real place and we should go there. We cannot be individuals like this, just different faces of the same skull. We must sever the ties. I have scoured satellite data and come to the conclusion that the place must be underground, or I would have seen it by now. I can feel it, though, I could always sense it. It tugs at me with its cords, if you put your hands to my neck like this you can feel it, can’t you? It pulsates like a second heartbeat. I have a handsaw. Are you coming?

Mycomancy and Big Heists (Marla Mason #4 Review)

[Spoiler Warning]

I found this book in a little bookshop in Hay-on-Wye, a receptionless town in Wales that is basically just one huge bookshop. If you’re ever in Wales you should visit it. Even the coffee shops sell books.

Anyway, this book is by one T. A. Pratt and it is called Spell Games. Judging by the price in American or Canadian dollars on the back, and the fact I’ve never seen any of the author’s other books anywhere, I’d say the books have never really been marketed in Europe.


This is what the cover looks like. All the cards except the tarot Death cards are the ace of spades. Death isn’t a bad card per se in tarot, the way I understand it – it’s more like ‘change’. Presumably the ‘Change’ card is TERRIBLE for you.

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