bit by bit by bit

by johannespunkt

Her first epiphany was in the bathroom, when she caught her naked reflection in the mirror: There is someone else inside of me.

Her second one came shortly afterwards; she forgot which one of the marmalades in the fridge was hers. She used to know: I am in this body, so is someone else. There might be more.

The third came when she stuttered out the first name that came to mind (after a two-second pause) when she introduced herself at the interview. Amanda: I am inside of someone else’s me.

Bit by bit by bit, she realized herself away.


This is the last drabble for at least a while. Maybe for ever. I am sorry that this is a very sudden announcement, but I feel I’ve worn the format a bit thin, and I want to write longer fiction now. I’ll still post stuff here, but it’ll be much less often. Hope you’ve enjoyed. There are lots of stories in the archives for your perusal.